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Mary Lisa Cochran

MaryLisa Cochran


Senior Fitness

Mary Lisa Cochran

About Me:

I grew up in Glenwood and am so proud to live here now! My husband Brent and I have four children with a 21 year age span, so staying active is important! I like to read, and I’m a big fan of old movies.

Why MFC?

The entire staff at MFC has a passion for what they do and for the people involved. The focus is on getting and keeping people healthy and strong -- which are the best long-term fitness goals.

What do you enjoy most about MFC?

The feel of community among the members.

What's holding you back?

We'd love to hear your story and get the ball rolling on your health & fitness goals. Just provide us with your name, contact info, and a nice note (or the reason you're here!) and we will take care of the rest.

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